We are accepting applications for our waitlist. At this time we've accepted our max number of volunteers, but there is always some flux with this process, if you want to try and snag a spot, fill out our application below!

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See below for some frequently asked questions and feel free to reach out to us at volunteer@otismountain.com. 

What is all my good will going to get me?
We have a slew of ways we show our appreciation for volunteers: reimbursed ticket cost, early entrance on Thursday, signature Otis volunteer shirts, meet new friends, and this year a raffle to win a full suite of 2018 Otis merch!

How selective is your application?
Don’t worry! We just want to make sure you’re responsible and you’ll be a great Otis ambassador. If you’ve burned us in the past, you might want to apologize and convince us you’re for real.

Do I have to buy a ticket?
Yes. We reimburse volunteers after the festival and we’re not going to let you sign up for shifts until you’ve bought a ticket. Harsh, but we can’t help you if we sell out before you sign up!

When will my ticket be refunded?
We will refund all volunteers who finish all their shifts and met their requirements and by Friday, September 14.

What if I don’t receive a confirmation email?
We’ll be monitoring the sign up form as soon as it goes live. We are humans, sometimes we make mistakes, if you didn’t receive a confirmation email within 48h of submitting your application, let us know! volunteer@otismountain.com

I want to volunteer with a friend, can we work together?
We’re going to be allowing you to sign up for your own shifts this year and it will be on a first come first serve basis, so encourage your friends to sign up at the same time and you’ll get to pick your shifts around the same time.

I don’t want to sign up for my own shift, will you assign it to me?
Sure. Please let us know in the open ended ‘about you’ question on the application.

How can I schedule around the music I want to see?
Let us know what bands you can’t miss and we’ll guide you to shift slots that won’t interfere

What should I do if I don’t want to volunteer anymore or have to change my shift?
Email us at volunteer@otismountain.com and we’ll figure it out!


Job Descriptions

These volunteers are responsible for the running and supervising activities and workshops. Activities will occur on Saturday afternoon and may run on a different schedule from the rest of the volunteer shifts. Some volunteers will act as an Otis representative or assistant for the various workshops that will take place during the festival, other volunteers will run events camp counselor style.

Pros: You’ll be the first to attend all the activities

Front Gate
The Front Gate crew is one of the first friendly faces attendees see when they get to Otis. These volunteers will be responsible for admitting attendees into the festival, handling ticket sales, distributing wristbands, processing will-call ticket reservations, and filing waivers. There will also be additional duties, like checking passes in the parking lot and handing out trash bags.

Pros: You’ll meet a bunch of new friends

The Merch Table is the epicenter of our festival, it serves as an information hub and the place where attendees can purchase Otis or performer’s merch. Volunteers will keep track of and sell Otis Mountain merchandise, record sales, help bands set up / take down their shops, and answer questions from patrons.

Pros: Main stage view!

You know you're at Otis when you hear “BAIL UP”! The Shuttle crew has the fun job of helping attendees get on and off the shuttle, keeping attendees safe on the access road, and try to engage folks in friendly conversation.

Pros: You’ll be the first one to know when Beyonce gets here.

We are committed to minimizing our environmental footprint at the Get Down and as part of our sustainability team you will help us keep the festival grounds clear of trash, hand out trash bags, and implement our recycling program.

Pros: You’ll get to walk around during your shift, nothing can tie you down.

Sunday Cleanup
Once the festival is finished we have a responsibility to Mother Nature to clean up after ourselves. Tasks will include picking up micro (and probably some macro) trash, handing out trash bags, and directing people to waste bins.

Pros: You won’t miss a single set!