La Chamba

La Chamba fuses Psychedelic Electric Guitar & Organs with Afro-Latin rhythms to create a sound inspired by 60’s & 70’s psychedelic Peruvian Surf-Pop known as “Chicha”. Their tone pays homage to the vintage melodies of Peruvian Chicha music, while creating a unique sound born in Los Angeles known as “Chicha Angelina.”

La “Chamba” literally means “work,” and is a word used throughout the working-class communities of Latin America to describe your hustle. 

With a melodic spectrum that incorporates elements of Surf Pop, Classic Rock, G-funk with afro-latin rhythms & retro nostalgia- “Chicha Angelina” encourages folks to nod their heads, shake their hips, let-loose and release their grind on the dance floor!

Listen up.

Do good things. 

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