Brooklyn-based quintet Habibi was formed in the spring of 2011 by Detroit-native Rahill Jamalifard and Lenny Lynch, who bonded over their love of Middle Eastern psych music.

They were quick to receive critical accolades for their self-titled debut, heralded as “stunning” by The New Yorker, praising their Motown-indebted sound of simple but infectious pop melodies. In the spring of 2018, and after a four years hiatus, Habibi released a limited edition EP, 'Cardamom Garden' which lead them to perform at the MoMA and Lincoln Center, to tour Asia, Europe and the US, and to be praised by NPR, Billboard, and Pitchfork who commended the four-track for "shedding rigid definitions of what constitutes American music." Habibi have proven to be capable of showcasing authentically crafted music that is both uniquely its own yet able to traverse borders in its overarching appeal. This ethos is clear even in the band’s chosen name: “Habibi” translated to English means “my love”-a universal language that makes them easy to embrace.

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