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Crusty Cuts ft. 99 Neighbors

99 Neighbors is a collective formed by 18-21 year-olds in Burlington, VT. Members Sam., HANKNATIVE, and Somba (real names Sam Paulino, Hank Collins and Caleb Hoh) are the musical frontmen and as both recording and performing artists, the three focus their skills on hip-hop, but exceed in acoustic music, EDM, and R&B.

"Liam O'Neil A.K.A. Crusty Cuts is one of the most talented individuals living in Burlington, VT. With an effortless style that weaves the worlds of skate, snowboard, and hip hop cultures, Liam stands in stark contrast to most millennial DJ's. Harnessing the authenticity that comes from playing real vinyl during his live sets and incorporating analog equipment into his production work, the music he creates under the Crusty Cuts moniker is an airy reprieve from the heavy digital sounds coming from most modern speakers. It takes a certain type of person to avoid trends that seem to assure success in favor of exploring their own artistic tastes, and yet it's almost always this type of person who ultimately finds success in longevity." - Hemetic Trading Co.