Otis Comedy Showcase

Get ready to laugh, cry & experience other emotional + bodily functions at the second annual Otis Comedy Showcase, hosted by Ash Diggs.

7:45p - 8:30p Friday & Saturday Night at the Range Stage.

Ash Diggs

Burlington, VT based, Ash Diggs produces the mostly-weekly standup showcases Socks & Sandals and Comedy & Crepes, has been selected for the Portland Maine Comedy Festival, Big Pond Improv Fest and Hartford Improv Fest w/his team Medium Boy, was an assistant director for Vermont Comedy Club’s 1st Annual Sketch Revue and has been lucky enough to open for some of his comedy heroes including Cameron Esposito, Tim Meadows, Moshe Kasher, Eliza Skinner, and others.  

Carl Sonnefeld

Carl was the manager at a Chinese restaurant in Indiana. It may have been a buffet, but still, he was the manager. He moved to Vermont to become a woodworker. He was a hazard to be around, but now he does stand up and the woodshop has never been safer. Oh, but then he moved to New York. Hey, how come the subway trains don’t honk when you do the honk thing with your arm? Do they not do that in New York? He’s opened for Anthony Devito, Jackie Kashian, and Shane Torres at Vermont Comedy Club.

Emily Kueppers

Emily Kueppers in a comic originally from Minnesota. They've dabbled in stand-up, improv, and sketch. They currently host a comedy showcase at Foam Brewers every third Wednesday of the month and regularly perform at Vermont Comedy Club. They were recently nominated for a Seven Daysies for "best comedy troupe" for their work with the team "Anxiety Pals" Emily is super excited to be gettin' down on the mountain! 

Maddy Hyams

Maddy Hyams is a nice person and Burlington based comedian. She has been featured at the Vermont Comedy Club and can be seen regularly performing on showcases around town. 

Jared Hall

Over the past few years, Jared has performed comedy all over New England and frequently performs at the Vermont Comedy Club in Burlington, VT. He’s hosted for national headliners such as Sheng Wang, Jen Kirkman, Michael Ian Black, and Todd Barry, and was recently featured in the Big Pond Improv Festival. Jared was a Finalist in Vermont’s Funniest Comedian and a two-time finalist in the Seven Daysies “Best Stand Up Comic.” As they say, always a bridesmaid, never the winner of a Vermont based comedy competition.  

Liz Thompson

Liz Thompson spent her adolescent years in Lincoln, Nebraska, but spent her teenage and adult life in Burlington, Vermont, making her a delightful cocktail of positivity, guilt, repressive sexuality, and excessive body hair. She has been doing performative and excessively dramatic art on and off the stage her entire life, but stand up comedy in the Burlington scene for the past 5 years. She hosts a monthly comedy show “Pullin’ Yo Chain” at Light Club Lamp Shop (why yes, a bar with lamps for sale). 

 Liam Welsh

Liam Welsh is a local stand up comic and improviser, who has made a name for himself around Burlington this past year by making it to the finals in Vermont’s Funniest Comedian Competition. He also opened for Janelle James at the Vermont Comedy Club, and will be featuring at the 2019 Portland Maine Comedy Festival. He can be seen regularly performing as one of the members of Vermont Comedy Club’s first Sketch Comedy Revue. 


Hello I live on a sheep farm in Vermont. I love jokes and camping, so this is perfect.  

Mike Thomas

Mike Thomas has been writing and performing comedy since the age of 14. He quickly became a fixture in the Burlington Vermont’s growing comedy scene. He can be seen performing all over the state and regularly at the Vermont Comedy Club, most recently as a writer and performer for the Summer Comedy Revue. He has placed in the top 5 in both the Higher Ground comedy battle and 3rd in Vermont’s Funniest Comedian Contest 2018. Mike has also had the opportunity to be a featured act for Wyatt Cenac, Kyle Kinane, and Kurt Braunholer.   

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