And The Kids 

You've never met a band like And The Kids. Their blend of melancholy melody and dissonant power had everybody dancing and singing in the rain at this year's Get Down.

It turned out to be one of the most energetic and inspiring shows of the weekend. This trio (which should be a quartet, see below) has been playing together for years, and has been turning heads recently from their hometown of Northhampton Mass all the way to NPR's Tiny Desk series. We are honored to present a snapshot from their set at Otis, along with a quick chat. Thank you, ladies, for the interview, and for sharing your music with all of us at Otis! 

Describe the music scene in your home town.

It's supportive. Everyone craves the arts and it seems like everyone knows how important music is. There are so many bands here and we know a lot, but a lot is only a quarter of what is here. And new people are always coming because it's a college area. It's hard to keep up with all the great music around here. It seems like there's a scene for almost any genre as well.

What is your favorite memory as a band?

Our fondest memories are always when we make new friends on the road. 

What's your idea of the perfect show? The perfect audience?

Our ideal show would be playing with our fourth member Megan Miller. Our ideal audience would be a US audience because she got deported and is not yet allowed in the country.

If you could perform with any artist, present or past, who would it be?

We would perform with our keyboard player Megan.

Do you think festivals are changing the way people enjoy music?

Since it's easy to find music online, those bands could be from anywhere in the world. So you're not necessarily going to be able to see them locally. Festivals are a great way to see bands that you wouldn't normally get to see. People might not get to go out every weekend to see the bands they like so they make it a tradition to see all the bands once a year.

Could you describe your experience at Otis?

We had never been to Otis before but had only heard great things. We didn't expect to have so much fun freezing and drenched in rain but we did. It felt like everyone was deeply connected to each other and the music.

Did you see anything at Otis that you didn't expect?

We didn't expect to be sporting such innovative trash bag fashion.

Do you have any upcoming shows? Album releases? Special announcements?

Keep on the look out for our new album in the summer.

Love, the kids

Do good things. 

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