Iron Eyes Cody

Iron Eyes Cody was started in 2013 when Evan Allis shared a handful of songs he had written with a few close friends at Middlebury College.

Casual jam sessions soon turned to focus and careful refinement in the studio. A string of regular shows across the northeast were to follow. With a hodgepodge of instruments at the band’s disposal, Allis’ music ranges from haunting folk to electrifying rock. Immediate accessibility belies intense imagery and melodic nuance.

Their debut EP, “Goodness All Good Saints Have Died,” was released in January 2016, and a follow up LP is expected in late 2017. They are currently based in Burlington, VT. Iron Eyes Cody is part of Future Fields, an artist­-run label and management group based in Burlington, Vermont that includes Madaila, The Welterweights, & The Precepts.