Come for the music, stay for the mountain.

Otis has been a designated area for engagement in the outdoors since the 1950s. It’s a ski hill in the winter, but in the summer things open up to a wider range of activities. Come early September, the abundance of the Adirondacks is on full display.

The local mountain bike community maintains a network of trails, with challenging and fun terrain for a wide variety of skill levels and riding styles. Marked hiking trails are abundant on and around the site. There are fields, forests, boulders, streams, ponds, and even rivers to explore.

We encourage everyone to bring their passions to the Get Down. Bring your bike, your bathing suit, binoculars, hiking boots, climbing shoes, a wildlife guide book, a camera, a sketchbook… whatever! Toss it in the go-bag and come on over. We’ll have trail maps and local experts on site to show you around.