June 18, 2019

Solace Sunday!

Hi All! This has come together pretty quickly and I apologize for the short notice but we are having a bit of a “media event” this Sunday. It will be at Otis, to get some material for our new website that is launching soon. We will get there earlier for some photo work but the plan is to start with the best Dirt Church ever at 10am (note the delayed start time), and finish around noon or one with some food and beer. The magic pizza oven might even make an appearance and we will have demos available if you want to check one of our bikes out. We will also be introducing our new Gravel Grinder, codenamed the CycloPath. It’s a collaboration in Aluminum with Frank the Welder, Merlyn the Magician, and Matt the Painter (no kidding) – all local characters out of southern Vermont. It’s a Jay-Mountain-slaying, drop bar adventure bike grown from mountain biking roots that we are pretty cyc-ed about (see what I did there?).

So if you are looking for something interesting to do this coming Sunday, the 23rd, there you go.

Spread the word and I hope we see you out there!


Jeff Allott
Jade Mountain P&PD, also dba

Solace Cycles

Otis Mountain Outdoors

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June 4, 2019

Banjo Workshop with Tony Trischka at the Grange, June 22

This is a crazy opportunity that I just had to pass along. Sorry for the intrusion and hoping everyone is well!


From: Grange Hall Office <admin@thegrangehall.info>
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Subject: Banjo Workshop with Tony Trischka at the Grange, June 22

Hi friends,

I'm asking you to pass the word about the Banjo Workshop that will be taught by world renowned musician Tony Trischka at the Grange on Saturday, June 22. Tony will be performing that night at 7:30 (see flyer) and has offered to conduct a workshop for all levels that afternoon before the show.

In addition to being recognized as one of the truly great banjo artists, Tony is also an acclaimed teacher. He has written and produced 15 instructional books, has a series of teaching DVDs, and has his own online Banjo School for lessons. He loves to teach and is looking forward to doing this at the Grange. Here is a link to his website with more information on his workshops:

We need a minimum of 5 students in order for the class to be held. All levels of players are welcome. Here are details:

Banjo Workshop with Tony Trischka

Saturday, June 22

2-4:00pm (2-hour class)

Registration fee: $50 (includes ticket to the evening concert).

Advance registration is required.

Send an email to admin or call 518-963-7777 to register.

Thanks and tell any and all banjo players you know about this. And please sign up yourself.

I hope to see you at the concert even if you are not a banjo player. Tony is an incomparable musician and is also a great storyteller. If you know anyone in Vermont, the ferry will be on its summer schedule so the last ferry from New York to Vermont is at 9:30. Folks can make that last boat and still enjoy the show.

Mary-Nell Bockman

Whallonsburg Grange

Tony Trischka flyer_email.pdf