January 17, 2019

Otis Notice!

Hey All – Hoping everyone has been busy taking advantage of this relatively normal-feeling winter so far! The ice has been in on most ponds and the XC and BC skiing have actually been pretty good. And when that wasn’t true the ice biking and sailing have been filled in the gaps! Otis hasn’t had quite enough snow to run the lift but we are hoping that will change this weekend. The plan is to run this Sunday from 10am on, and maybe Monday if it keeps coming. Coverage is still a little thin at the moment but is firm and “will make a good base” for the new snow. If it turns out to be a dud snowstorm be sure to check in before driving any distance, just to be prudent.

This is a busy weekend and there are a few other fun things going on. It is also the Mountaineers Mountainfest weekend with slide shows Friday Saturday and Sunday night in Keene area, ice climbing demos, and lots of clinics and guided climbs. They will also be at Otis all weekend giving clinics on the fantastic ice there this year. The Mountaineer helps support the operations on the hill and it would be great to support them in return. Details here: https://www.mountaineer.com/mountainfest/

Its also BETA’s (our regional trail association that Otis is a part of) Annual Film fundraiser Saturday night with a great movie and raffle items to distribute. Solace Cycles, the Elizabethtown Bike Ranch, and the Deershead all contribute to this and it would be great to see a strong turnout from the eastern flanks. BETA will be sending a paid trail crew our way for two weeks next summer, too, and showing up and/or joining the organization would be a great way to help fund that. More details here: https://www.betatrails.org/ski-movie-fundraiser.html

And finally. This is not directly Otis-related, or this weekend, but definitely involving Elizabethtown - its the First Annual Etown Skirmish Hockey Tournament (see poster attached)!! Its put on by a few of the Otis faithful and a winter version of the famous Etown BeatDown Bike-a-poolza we put on in the summer. All skill levels welcome and bring a helmet of some sort to be safe!

That’s all I have for now. Hope to see you out there!


Jeff Allott
Solace Cycles,

Jade Mountain P&PD

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