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Le Grotto

Le Grotto is one of the sloshiest live acts around. They bring an unconventional twist of surf, grunge and garage to densely packed house shows AND GARAGES (which often smell of beer, cigarettes and garlic). 

Hopefully, they've got enough cash to make it to your town, because it truly is a pleasure to see these boys play. Their stage presence is stellar and brings out the best in the everyone. Sometimes, if you're really lucky, you might just catch their act with a male burlesque accompaniment. Their traveling companions are their instruments, both singing the same sad stories of the complicated existence we are all existing. Do yourself a favor, turn off the lights, light a J, laugh and cry with the music of Le Grotto. They formed around Halloween a few years ago in Olympia, Washington and show no signs of stopping. They'll be in your city soon enough with arms wide and the beer cold. If you see 'em tell 'em "hi" for me. - Robin Almond